Open Call: d3’s Top Innovation Room Competition

As part of the programming for UAE Innovation Month, d3 has launched a Top Innovation Room Competition – submit images of one or more rooms that embody the idea of  ‘innovation’, whether this be through the design or through the integration of technology.

The rooms need to be innovative either in the way they’re designed and they harbor innovation, the materials that are used, or the technological elements that they contain which makes them innovative. They can be poersonal as well as corporate spaces, providing they meet the criteria.

There seems to be no other restriction on entries, the 20 best of which will be displayed as part of a public exhibition at d3 from 25 February to 3 March. During that period a panel of judges (unnamed as yet) will select an overall winner who will receive “a very unique prize” (nope, no details on that either). Submissions can be made by anyone, but the award will be given only to the entity who owns or who has commissioned that particular room. We’re not sure, but “owns” will presumably be interpreted to include “rents” or “leases” or “lives/works in”.

Submissions should be made by email to before 20 February and should include …

  • Your name and contact details (phone number and email)
  • Name/location of the space
  • Description in no more than 50 words outlining why the room is innovative
  • Medium-res image (no more than 1MB)

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