Open Call for UAE-based artists to contribute to Al Ain exhibition

TCA Abu Dhabi is offering UAE-based mixed media artists the opportunity to participate in an exhibition at the Al Qattara Arts Centre in Al Ain.

The exhibition, which opens in March and runs for three months, has the title Collage and appears to have pretty broad criteria – as far as we can make out it’s for mixed-media work (“essentially the artwork can be made of any combination of mediums”) and that’s about it.

Sumayya Al Suwaidi, Community Events Manager at TCA Abu Dhabi and the curator of the exhibition, added little in the press release: “We will celebrate the creative minds who express their thoughts and emotions into visual artistic works that connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds”. (Sumayya Al Suwaidi herself is an innovative artist with a semi-collage approach to digital prints that would not look out of place in such an exhibition.)

The show opens on 15 March and continues till 18 May.

Apply by 29 February; info from [email protected]

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